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We are a wholesale and retail NEON SIGN company with the artistry and experience to create signage that will bring all your ideas to life. We use "Eurocom Platinum with Turbo Pump" to create our neon signs. 

We merge the latest technology and "old-school" design-sense to make fantastic signs that catch the eye, and convey your corporate or personal image.We have years of experience working with a variety of clients on a vast array of unique projects, where each one  is an original.

We will do everthing possible to make your project turn heads and stand out. We are known for quick turnaround time and meeting deadlines. Most importantly, we have had the same phone number for the last 49 years.

You can be assured that we will alway be available when you need us.

Thanks for this opportunity to serve you.

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    Get your name out there with one of our high-quality signs. We can help you express yourself or your business with a great-looking sign. Call today.  We repair neon of all types, make custom signs and restore antique Signs. We repair beer signs back to working conditions. We make all types of window hangers, border tubes that frame your windows. What ever you sell put that as your window hanger. Neon attracts the eye like no other light. Its a part of Nostalgia that will never die or go away. Neon makes great Gifts for the young and old. College kids love them, Car enthusiates load up their garages with them. Some things will never go away and neon is one of them. They are a part of our youth.

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    Call or stop by our shop, bring in your ideas and we will put light to them. We have helped thousands of customers get the sign of their dreams.

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    286 Gasoline Aly
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